About Us

We are a group of pharmacists out to make your pharmacy experience better. Having your prescriptions filled doesn’t have to be a frustrating trip to the local chain where you are waiting in line only to find out that your medication isn’t covered or that it’s really expensive. With us, you won’t deal with insurances, high copays, coverage gaps or formulary restrictions.

We have simplified the process. You select the medication you need. We reach out to your provider or current pharmacy to obtain a prescription. Then, we verify everything with you before mailing it out to you at no additional charge, with complete privacy. It’s that simple. Click here to get started!

PharmacyNC is accredited by the North Carolina Board of Pharmacy. We are a mail order pharmacy that offers trusted healthcare delivered. The medicines you receive from us are FDA approved, sourced from US based wholesalers, and dispensed by US licensed pharmacists

Visit our FAQs tab to learn more or give us a call. We’d love to help get you on the path to simplicity!”

DEA Registration #FP8123589 – Click here to view certificate

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