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How do I send my prescription to you?


  • Call us at 919-977-8001
  • Mail your prescription directly to us.


  • We will contact your provider for you.

How long does it take to fill my prescription and mail it out?

The process to fill is typically same or next day fill and typically takes 2 to 3 days FREE standard USPS delivery. Expedited delivery (Fed Ex) available for additional charge.

Are you Registered with the DEA?

Yes, our DEA Registration #FP8123589 – Click here to view certificate

What if I have a question about my prescription? 

You may call us at 919-977-8001 or email us at hello@pharmacync.com.


Do you contact my doctor for refills? 

Yes, we will call or fax your doctor based on your current prescription.  If there are any changes to your prescription or physician contact, please call us at 919-977-8001 or email us at hello@pharmacync.com


How do I pay? 

When you Sign In, it will prompt you to enter your credit card information securely.  Your card will be charged one time unless specified for recurring refills.

What will I be charged for shipping? 

Free USPS standard shipping (3-5 business days), expedited shipping available (Fed Ex)

Do you file insurance? 

Although we don’t file insurance, feel free to manually file a claim with your insurance.  Our cash prices are typically less than what your insurance copay’s may charge.


Is it safe to ship medication?

Yes it is safe to ship medication.  We ship via USPS and Fed Ex with a generated tracking number.  Your package is temperature controlled, privacy protected and secure.  We also use tamper evident seals as an added security feature.  The package will fit securely in any US mail box.

(Not recommended to leave package in extreme temperatures or mailbox for long period of time).  We track and monitor your package so it always arrives on time.

Can you ship overnight?  

Yes we can ship overnight, 2 day delivery or standard delivery.

How can I change my address? 

You may sign into your account online and update or you may call or email us at 919-977-8001 ; hello@pharmacync.com

How often do you ship? 

As often as needed, but beneficial to get meds filled at one time.  Mon to Friday 9am to 4pm EST

Where Do You Ship?

We currently ship to North Carolina only and look forward to being licensed in all 50 states soon!

Privacy and Security

Is my account secure? 

Yes, your PharmacyNC account is 100% secure and HIPAA compliant *Do you share my information?  As a company we will never share or sell any information.